List of Best 300 One Word Substitutions Asked in WBCS, SSC, IBPS, UPSC Exam। One word substitution PDF Download

Hello Readers, how are u? I hope you all are good. Today, we are talking about the most important topics in English Comprehension that is “One Word Substitution”.

The competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, and UPSC comprise a test of English Comprehension. Here we are helping you in preparing one of the most important topics in English Comprehension that is “One Word Substitution”.
List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. These words are very important for any  competitive exams
           One word substitutions 

List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. These words are very important for any  competitive exams

1. A building where animals are butchered for meat : Abattoir

 2. To formally give up a position of power Abdicate

 3. People who live in a country from the very beginning : Aborigines 

4. The world of scholars : Academia

 5. With sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper : Acrimoniously 

6. A word formed by initial letters of several words : Acronym 

7. Made for a particular purpose : Ad hoc

 8. A firm warning or counselling: Admonition

 9. A person with a highly developed sense of art and beauty : Aesthete

 10. Study of causes of disease : Aetiology 

11. A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity or pastime : Aficionado

 12. One who is employed to intentionally encourage people to break the law so that they can be caught : Agent provocateur

 13. One who believes that nothing can be known about god: Agnostic

 14. Extreme fear of open and public spaces : Agoraphobia 

15. Repetition of sounds : Alliteration

 16. One who is habitually kind to others : Altruist 

17. Political pardon : Amnesty 

18. A shapeless thing : Amorphous 

19. That which appears to be in the wrong period: Anachronism 

20. Lawnessness and disorder caused by absence of control : Anarchy

 21. A short interesting and amusing story: Anecdote

 22. A collection of literary pieces : Anthology

 23. Attribution of human character to god or animal: Anthropomorphism

 24. Places diametrically opposite to each other on the earth: Antipodes

 25. A short wise saying : Aphorism 

26. A person who works under someone to learn that person's skill : Apprentice 

27. A person who renounces his religious and political faith : Apostate

 28. A person chosen by two opposing parties to settle a matter of dispute : Arbiter

 29. Relating to plants, trees, etc. : Arboreal

 30. A place where historical documents are kept : Archive 

31. An agreement to stop fighting: Armistice 

32. One who sets fire to property for an improper purpose : Arsonist

 33. One who avoids physical pleasures and comforts : Ascetic 

34. Diminished in size or strength as a result of injury/disease : Atrophied

 35. A person who believes in complete allegiance to authority : Authoritarian

 36. A small country especially in south and central America that is industrially underdeveloped and politically unsteady: Banana republic 

37. Engaged for marriage : Betrothed

 38. Addicted to alcoholic drinks : Bibulous

 39. Occurring once every two years : Biennial

 40. One who has narrow and prejudiced religious belief : Bigot

 41. A camp without tents : Bivouac

 42. Irreverence towards gods : Blasphemy

43. The quality of being a noble person by birth : Bie blood

 44. A broad street having trees on both sides: Boulevard 

45. Beonging to a class  between gentry and  Jabourers, typical of the middle class having strong interest in money and possessions Bourgeois. 

46. A person who proudly talks a lot about himself : Braggart

 47. A foolish show of bravery: Bravado

 48. Small objects kept for decoration : Bric-a-brac 

49. Vigorous verbal attack : Broadside 

50. A small group of people who make secret plans for political action :  Cabal 

 51. Improper spelling or writing : Cacography

 52. A rumour to deceive people : Canard 

53. A person who eats human flesh : Cannibal 

54. An impossible situation where you are prevented from doing one thing until you do another thing that you are not able to do until you complete the first thing. Catch-22 

55. A group within a larger organisation : Caucus 

56. Related to sky or heaven: Celestial

 57. Pretence of skill : Charlatanry 
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58. Exaggerated or aggressive patriotism : Chauvinism 

59. Use of tricks to deceive someone : Chicanery

 60. The art of telling one's future by examining his hand: Chiromancy (or, palmistry)

 61. Treatment of the feet: Chiropody

 62. Calendar of events : Chronology

63. Fear of closed spaces: Claustrophobia

64. A complete victory : Clean sweep 

65. A hackneyed phrase or opinion : Cliché

 66. A badly shaped foot twisted out of position from birth : Club foot 

67. Change from a liquid into a solid by chemical action : Coagulate 

68. Related by birth : Cognate 

69. A row of pillars that support a roof or arches : Colonnade 

70. That can catch fire and burn easily: Combustible 

71. Man coming from one's own country: Compatriots 

72. A gathering for worship, prayer : Congregation 

73. The feeling or ideas that are suggested by a word :Connotation 

74. Compulsive recruitment in army: Conscription

75. A combination of several companies, banks, etc. for a common purpose : Consortium

 76. An official appointed by a govt. to protect and help its citizens and their interests in trade in a foreign city : Consul 

77. One who is recovering from illness : Convalescent 

78. Study of heavenly bodies : Cosmology 

79. Acting with equal force but opposite effect: Countervailing 

80. A person who believes in everything : Credulous 

81. A point at which an important decision must be taken : Crossroads

 82. Centre of attraction : Cynosure

 83. A sudden complete failure : Debacle

 84. A container of alcoholic drinks : Decanter 

85. The feeling of remembering something that one had experienced: Déjà Vu 

86. Modest and well-behaved: Demure 

87. Forsaking responsibilities : Dereliction 

88. An oppressive and cruel ruler : Despot 

89. An admirer of fine arts : Dilettante 

90. Unusually small : Diminutive

 91. A song that is sung at the time of one's death : Dirge 

92. Relating to or occurring in a 24 hour period or daily : Diurnal

 93. A rounded roof on a building : Dome

 94. A place where one lives permanently : Domicile 

95. One who is suffering from lack of money, work etc. and is unable to change the situation:Down and out 

96. A system of connected actions and methods for catching criminals : Dragnet 

97. Sediment in a liquid that sinks to the bottom and is thrown away : Dregs

 98. An uninteresting hardwork: Drudgery

 99. One who is slow at learning: Dunce 

100. The edges of a roof which hangs beyond the walls : Eaves

 101. A man with an irrationally fixed idea : Eccentric 

102. A circular movement of dust, wind, water etc.: Eddy 

103. A thing that can be eaten : Edible

 104. To kill by passing electricity through the body : Electrocute 

105. A song that is sung in memory of a person who died earlier: Elegy 

106. An official order forbidding trade with another country : Embargo

107. Short-lived : Ephemeral 

108. One who rides on a horse : Equestrian 

109. The study of the conditions in which people work effectively with machines: most Ergonomics 

110. The wide lower part of a river : Estuary

 111. A feeling of well-being : Euphoria

 112. Worthy of duplication : Exemplary

 113. A speech without preparation : Extempore 

114. Any of the many sides of a cut jewel : Facet 

115. Exact impression of the original : Facsimile 

106. An official order forbidding trade with another country : Embargo

107. Short-lived: Ephemeral 

108. One who rides on a horse: Equestrian

 109. The study of the conditions in which people work effectively with machines: most Ergonomics

 110. The wide lower part of a river: Estuary

 111. A feeling of well-being: Euphoria 

112. Worthy of duplication: Exemplary 

113. A speech without preparation : Extempore 

114. Any of the many sides of a cut jewel: Facet 

115. Exact impression of the original : Facsimile 

116. The solid waste material passed from the bowels : Faeces 

 117. A light humorous play full of silly things happening : Farce

 118. One who finds fault with everything: Fastidious

 119. Caused by fever : Febrile 

120. Someone who has committed  crime : Felon

 121. Severe beating with a wheap or stick: Flogging

 122. Relating to flowers : Floral 

123. A small rather strange and stupid personal habit : Foible 

124. Newspapers and their writers, considered with regard to their political influence : Fourth estate 

125. A small flat brown spot in the skin : Freckle

 126. A decorative edge to a piece of material : Frill

 127. A picture or photograph at the beginning of a book: Frontispiece

 128. One who does not understand or approve of modern ideas: Fuddy-duddy 

129. To clear off disease, bacteria etc. by means of chemical smoke : Fumigate 

130. A long narrow track cut by a plough : Furrow

 131. Having the Earth at the centre point: Geocentric

 132. Study of ageing and its problem : Gerontology

 133. A person whose job is to fit glass, especially into window frames : Glazier 

134. A larger supply of something greater than its ab demand: Glut 

135. One who eats excessively : Glutton 

136. A little pointed beard on the bottom of the chin: Goatee

 137. One who is forceful, determined and likely to succeed in getting what one wants : Go-getter

 138. One who helps others in trouble, without thinking of oneself: Good Samaritan 

139. A deep narrow valley with steep sides: Gorge

 140. A person who is fond of eating good food and drinks : Gourmet

 141. Drawings or writings on a wall : Graffiti

142. A large house in the countryside with far buildings: Grange

 143. A stretch of land, round a town or city, where building is not allowed, to preserve fields, wood etc. : Green belt 

144. Animals living in groups: Gregarious 

145. Relating to a governor : Gubernatorial 

146. Expression which is used repeatedly: Hackneyed 

147. A condition in which one has bad breath. Halitosis

 148. A peaceful and safe place: Haven

 149. A covering for the head : Headgear 

150. Determined to do what one wants in spite of all advice : Headstrong 

151. A valuable object passed on for generations : Heirloom 

152. A person guilty of abusing religion : Heretic 

153. The inner part of a country: Hinterland 

154. Behaviour resembling a theatrical performance: Histrionics

 155. Area destruction by fire (accidental) : Holocaust 

156. Unstipulated fee to professional men : Honorarium 

157. A party thrown on the occasion of moving into a new house : Housewarming 

158. A lump on the back of a camel : Hump

 159. One who is over-concerned about one's health: Hypochondriac 

160. One who attacks cherished beliefs : Iconoclast

 161. The worship of idols : Idolatry 

162. That which can't be passed through: Impassable 

163. A difficult situation from which there appears to be no escape : Impasse 

164. Impossible to satisfy : Implacable 

165. One who does not save for the future : Improvident 

166. Severely ruthless or harsh: Inclement

 167. Without a body: Incorporeal

 168. Something that cannot be corrected: Incorrigible

 169. The period through which one holds office : Incumbency 

170. One who can never be tired: Indefatigable 

171. To take food into stomach: Ingest 

172. The upper surface of the foot between the toes and the ankle : Instep 

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